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About Us

In 1987, a group of community bank leaders recognized the need for a locally owned, independent, correspondent bank partner.  They believed that “a strong bankers’ bank makes for stronger community banks.”  This vision led to the formation of Independent Community Bancorp, Inc., a financial holding company owned completely by community banks, and the sole owner of its subsidiary, Independent Correspondent Bankers Bank.

At ICBI, our mission is to maximize shareholder value by protecting, promoting, and supporting the community bank model.  We believe that the bankers’ bank model provides community banks a unique opportunity to invest in and collaborate with a noncompetitive correspondent partner.

Through equity ownership, community banks can provide insight into the services they need and leadership in the future of correspondent banking.  And, through collaboration and the aggregation of services, we provide community banks with the scale, efficiency, and scope of services, and support they need to be successful.

That original idea, that a strong bankers’ bank makes stronger community banks, is as true today as ever. To learn more about becoming a shareholder, contact us at solutions@icbb.bank.

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