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Agricultural Mortgage Financing Options

Bankers’ Agricultural Finance Service, a division of The Independent Correspondent Bankers Bank, Inc. offers a Farmer Mac solution to community banks, so they can provide the best possible options to their farmers and/or prospects, and other owners of agricultural property in the US.

There are no prepayment penalties on most loans, along with attractive rates and terms. We provide land loan financing nationwide for acquisitions, refinancing existing debt and financing capital expansion. You can benefit from our experience in structuring solutions for your customers’ family or corporate farm and ranch operation.

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Fixed Rate Products have a fixed interest rate for the entire loan term with fixed rate loans up to 30 years with options such as 10,15,20,25 and 30 year fi xed rates. If the amortization exceeds the term, the loan will have a balloon payment at maturity. (i.e. On a 15-year fixed term loan with 25-year amortization, the loan balloons in 15 years and the balloon payment is due at that time.)

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Loan Products have a fixed interest rate for the initial period selected, then reprice and fix again for the specified period. This continues throughout the loan term. (i.e. On a 10/1 ARM, the loan will be fixed for the initial fixed rate period of 10 years then reprice every 1 year.)

Variable Rate Mortgage (VRM) Loan Products are fixed for an initial period, reprice, and are then fixed for the shorter of the same period or the remaining term of the loan. This continues throughout the entire loan term. (i.e. On a 10-year VRM with a 25-year term, the loan will reprice twice – at year 10 and year 20, then remain fixed for the final 5 years.)