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Trading, Bond Accounting and Bank Safekeeping Services

ICBB partners with the First National Bankers Bank (FNBB), the nation’s oldest nationally chartered banker’s bank, to offer a wide array of full-service investment services. Their knowledge and experience, commitment to service, and utilization of the most up-to-date technology brings large portfolio efficiencies to portfolios of all sizes. Transactions are automatically interfaced between Portfolio Accounting, Safekeeping and Asset Liability Management, eliminating the need for duplicate notifications.

Investment Sales is a fixed income bank/dealer desk equipped to meet all your investment needs.

  • Access to all major markets and primary dealers
  • Unbiased recommendations and pricing
  • Security, Market and Rate information along with research services

Portfolio Accounting is a comprehensive service providing rapid information regarding your bank’s securities accounting.

  • Secure, online accessibility
  • Personal attention from an experienced staff with community bank focus
  • Independent pricing valuation
  • Data extracts to spreadsheets or other programs
  • Integrated services with Safekeeping and ALM systems

Safekeeping Services provided by FNBB’s experienced personnel deliver rapid and accurate information relating to your bank’s securities.


  • Secure custody of securities
  • Approved custodian in markets we serve
  • Automated settlement platform
  • Timely and accurate payment and reporting
  • Smooth onboarding processes
  • Integrated services with Portfolio Accounting and ALM