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As an ICBB customer, BBCONNECT is your one-stop online correspondent system. The high security website offers easy access to submit, report, and audit all correspondent transactions, and provides customers with the flexibility to use either the BASIC or FULL version connectivity, based on their needs.

System Highlights Include:

  • Digital User Certificate combined with Username, Password and Challenge Question to comply with Multi-Factor Authentication requirements.
  • Online Training Videos & Resource Documents
  • Real Time Cash Position via the BBCONNECT Dashboard
  • An Integrated OFAC database checks Wire Transfers and ACH International Transactions Automatically. Outbound International Wire Transfers with Intelligent Payee Feature
  • Outbound Domestic Wire Transfers provide nearly real-time processing, and feature ABA Look-Up, Verification with AutoFill, and Email Notifications.
  • ACH Import & Export Capabilities
  • FRB Currency and Coin Orders
  • Large Dollar Notifications and FRB Check Adjustments In/Out