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De Novo Banking Services

Starting a new bank can be a daunting task; that is why having the right correspondent partner can make all the difference. Since 1988, Independent Correspondent Bankers’ Bank, has been helping de novo bank organizers effectively streamline the process from inception to opening.

ICBB provides a full range of de novo banking services, from a correspondent operational account and escrow services, to lending, investments, policy development, compliance services and more. ICBB has the solutions, expertise, and dedicated customer service to ensure the organizational process goes smoothly and your de novo bank is successful.

Agent Escrow Services
Providing you with a secure and efficient way to manage your fund subscriptions, services include:

  • Escrow Account Reporting,
  • Payment Processing, and
  • Escrow Funds Management.

Operational Services
Operational services backed by our experienced customer service team that will work with you to ensure your backroom operations are efficient and cost effective. Services Include:

  • BBConnect Online Correspondent System,
  • Cash Letter Clearing & Settlement,
  • Currency Ordering,
  • Imaged Canadian Cash Letter Processing, and
  • Domestic & International Wire Transfers.

Fed Funds Services
ICBB provides Fed Funds management to community banks looking to sell their excess funds and manage their liquidity. Services Include:

  • Fed Funds Line of Credit,
  • Agent Federal Funds, and
  • Excess Balance Account Access.

Lending Services
Our team of lending and credit experts will take the time to understand your credit needs and will work with you to provide solutions you need to successful grow your earning assets. Services include:

  • Loan Participations (Buy and Sell),
  • Bank Stock Financing,
  • Organizational Lines of Credit,
  • Directors and Executive Officer Loans, and
  • Commercial Credit Underwriting.

Investment Services
Portfolio, liquidity, and asset liability management services to efficiently manage your bank’s investment portfolio. Services include:

  • Investment Strategy and Liquidity Management,
  • Bond Accounting and Safekeeping,
  • Securities Trading and Sales, and
  • Asset Liability Management Services.

Compliance Services

ICBB affiliate Bankers Service Corporation (BSC) provides compliance support and consulting services designed specifically for community banks. With over 150 years of exam and audit experience, BSC’s staff will work with you to develop the scope of compliance support you need. Services include:

  • Policy Development and Review,
  • Compliance Review,
  • Compliance Training,
  • Internal Audit,
  • Annual Loan Review, and
  • Consultation and Support.

ICBB Events
ICBB is pleased to offer de novo organizers and their staff the opportunity to attend premiere events at no cost during their organizational period as follows:

  • 2 FREE Registrations to attend the ICBB/FNBB Annual Investment Conference,
  • Unlimited FREE Registrations to attend the ICBB Annual Credit Conference,
  • FREE unlimited Registrations to attend the Bank Operations Opportunities Meeting (BOOM), and
  • FREE Unlimited Registrations to attend ICBB CHECK & ACH Educational Events.