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Settlement Services

Coordinate effective investments by settling all your transaction at ICBB. Our SettlementServices work in tandem with our Demand Deposit Account and our Federal Fundsprograms to put your federal reserve settlement to work for you, with little to no efforton your part. Here’s how it works:

The Settlement Services Process:

1. We receive your federal reserve settlement into your ICBB demand epositaccount (DDA).

2. Interest is paid on Federal Funds invested with ICBB and credited daily to your DDA.

3. We sell your excess funds through our Agent Federal Fund or Fed Fund + programin increments of $1,000.00.

*Agency Federal Funds mitigates your concentration risk by distributing your funds pro-rata to our approved upstream financial institutions that have been evaluated to meet ourspecific financial guidelines.

4. You monitor your daily settlement position in real time via BBConnect platform.

Best-in-Class Service

Our top-notch customer service team is here to help your community bank navigate thisprocess from start to finish. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond and haveeven served as a contingency for customers in the event of inclement weather,insufficient staff, or issues with their processor. Ask your account executive about ourSettlement Services today.