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ACH Origination powered by Profitstars

ACH CLIENT ™ For Business Customers

ACH Client helps the originator by allowing them to consolidate their deposits from multiple locations with one institution, reduce the number of checks their payroll or accounts payable unit needs to write, and to automatically debit customers’ accounts for their monthly fees to streamline their income stream; i.e. pest control or lawn services, retainers, utility bills, etc.


  • Full ACH origination platform – ALL SEC codes including IAT.
  • Web-based – No software installation required.
  • SSO from many online banking platforms
  • Automated recurring transaction capabilities
  • Easy transaction updates on a single screen
  • Process ACH Client system-created files and customer-created files – Both NACHA formatted and CSV.
  • Multi-layered authentication and user permissions.
  • ALWAYS compliant with NACHA rules.

ACH MANAGER ™ For Community Banks

ACH Manager allows your financial institution or organization to automate processing of all outgoing and incoming ACH files with a convenient, secure ASP-hosted solution, and requires no onsite hardware or software. Hosted in Jack Henry’s SSAE 16 data center, ACH Manager eliminates database management and disaster recovery concerns at the financial institution.


  • Over 120 validation points to verify originator, transaction, and batch-level compliance with FI-established criteria.
  • Risk exposure over the entire timeframe that accounts for returns windows and future-dated items.
  • Risk management for third-party service providers (property management, HOA, payroll companies, etc.)
  • In conjunction with ACH Client, returns/NOC reports delivered directly to originators.
  • Provides stop-pay payment management and DNE management.
  • Multi-level user permissions.
  • Extensive reporting for compliance with all NACHA rules
  • Easy return processing, including automated returns and account conversions.