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Overdraft Management

Overdraft Management Powered by Velocity Solutions

ICBB, in partnership with Velocity Solutions’ Intelligent Limit System®, gives community banks the ability to provide their customers with individual overdraft limits based on their unique ability to repay. Intelligent Limit System® is a truly managed overdraft solution backed by data science, resulting in reduced risk for community banks and their customers, compared to systems which set the same limit for all accounts.

Managed Program: Limits are customized for each account and adjusted as necessary when there are changes to the risk level of the account.

Revenue Potential: By better serving depositors who have demonstrated an ability to repay at higher overdraft limits, there is a potential to increase your overdraft revenue while also decreasing charge-offs, contributing to significant net income improvement.
Integration: Easily integrates with all core systems, and adaptable if you should need to change core vendors.

Proven Managed Limits: 99%+ of monitored overdraft events with a limit greater than zero repay the negative balance.

Full-Featured Reporting: ILS reports provide actionable information for management, operations and the regulators with access to real-time dashboards of key metrics.

Prompt, Responsive Support: Our support staff responds promptly, even outside normal business hours. Our support team is entirely US-based, and fully employed by Velocity Solutions.